AZ Theta Wellness is an Oasis in the Desert.

AZ Theta Wellness mission is to listen to each client 's history and treat every person with the utmost respect, empathy, and solidarity.
Focusing on each step and helping a client or their loved ones achieve the best possible result for each situation.

  • Listening

  • Understanding

  • Suggesting Solutions

  • Close monitor each treatment

  • Listen to client 's feedback

  • Adjust treatments as needed

Our vision is to help every person we come in contact with and find solutions and treatments to enhance their lives.
We strive to make people's lives better through safe and comfortable wellness treatments that allow for a better quality of life for the people everywhere but especially

  • Casa Grande

  • Maricopa

  • Chandler

  • Phoenix East Valley

  • Tucson

Our Story

Our new facility in Casa Grande benefits from many years of experience of other locations.

Meet The Team

Our team is passionate about helping people and has more than 40 years of combined wellness experience.

Katie Metzger
Katie Metzger
Katie has worked with Theta Wellness for over ten years and has extensive knowledge on the equipment and its features and benefits. She is dedicated to people's well being from infants to the elderly.
Stephanie Schmucker
Stephanie Schmucker
Stephanie is an invaluable part of AZ Theta, who brings the charisma, empathy, and experience of a school paraprofessional and management of a family with three boys to the team.
Allen Senf
Allen Senf
Allen joined AZ Theta after being a client himself and recognizing the impact their treatments can have on people's lives. He wants to make an impact to inspire and enrich people's lives.

AZ Theta Wellness really is an oasis in the desert. Their treatments and products really work and the silver gel has been a God sent solution for my daughter's skin irritations. Thank you!

Ana Maga

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